A portrait of the legendary angler / birdwatcher / writer / and all round inspiring 74 year-old lad Chris Yates. Shot in and around his home in Wiltshire, it’s a quiet piece about a quiet corner of English countryside: a day in the life of Chris. Featuring golden-bollocked top pro skater Heitor Da Silva, it’s a film about pottering about making tea and looking at an old tree and going rambling and fishing and foraging and noticing.

Featuring Chris Yates and Heitor Da Silva

Director / Photographer: Will Robson-Scott
Palace Creative Director: Stuart Hammond
Producer: James Graley

Production Manager: Abigail Bryony
DoP: Spike Morris
Camera Assistant: Jodie Tierney
Sound Recordist: Ollie Drummond
Stills Assistant: Ollie Grove
Runner: Yneez Myers
Set Lad: Stan Brock
Rushes: Otis Marchbank

Edit: Tom Chick
Sound Design: Pete Duffy
Grade: Tim Smith

Music: Will Yates / Memotone

Senior Manager Storytelling: Aleks Rist
Senior Producer Jellyfish: Emmy-Lou Tovey

Production Company: Somesuch
Exec Producer: Scott O'Donnell