Hak - An avalanche of pain and sadness torments my friends. I need Georgie to come back to us. I want Charlie and Tom Spiteri to expel the grief I read in their eyes. I wish Richie could come to us but he can’t. I hope Eugene and his family can find peace in their loss.
Free Euge.
R.I.P Richy.
This is for the lads.

Directed by Will Robson-Scott
Producers: Gloria Bowman, Hak Baker & Will Robson-Scott
D.O.P: Will Robson-Scott
Executive Producer: Saskia Whinney
Editor: Paco Sweetman
Grade: Tim Smith @ Cheat
Grade producer : Olivia Jessop @ Cheat
Sound design: Pete Duffy
Production Company: Somesuch