Hak Baker - Erm, this video took a long time to finish. It’s hard to at first make people trust ya. then ya gotta remember always that everyone got they’re own shit going on - kids, money, family issues, death, fuckin addiction man.

If you’ve got something to say about this video, then good. Don’t keep it to yourself either. Exclaim it, good, bag - ugly. I don’t really care. There a lot of shit going on beyond our bloody insta feeds. I feel that we all are guilty of forgetting that sometimes.
This is the realist rendition I could give to what I see and what’s going on out. there in plain site that most of us just avoid or plead ignorance.

Addiction is a bitch

Directed by Will Robson-Scott
Producers: Gloria Bowman, Hak Baker & Will Robson-Scott
D.O.P: Will Robson-Scott
Executive Producer: Saskia Whinney
Editor: Adam Biskupski
Grade: Jack McGinty @ Cheat
Grade producer: Olivia Jessop @ Cheat
Sound design: Pete Duffy
Somesuch & Co